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Hi, I'm Cheow, a web developer from Kuala Lumpur.

I am currently HIRED and not open for contract and freelance jobs.

For front-end development, I usually use Bootstrap and JavaScript frameworks. For developing RESTful web services, I use either NodeJs and MongoDB, or PHP and MYSQL. I prefer to use PHP Laravel to develop more sophisticated websites.

I'm comfortable with both class-based and classless object oriented programming, and it helps me learning Angular 2, which can be used to develop more sophisticated web and mobile applications in near future. My design principles are simple: Purposeful, Eye Catching, Direct, and Clean.

I'm hired now, but if you need a website to be done fast, or if you need extra hands for you project, do not hesitate to contact my employer.


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Are you a consultant? Do you sell website development services? Do you understand your client's needs? I can do the web development part. White label. Reseller rates. But you will need to go through my employer.

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Need someone to develop your clients' websites? Need extra hands in your project? Considering to outsource your web development operation? I can help. But you will need to go through my employer.

Tell me more!



You can expect your website to be Purposeful. Eye Catching. Direct. Clean.

Fast & On Time

With all the required info, 3 days to get it done.

Competitive Rate

I'm sure that my employer will be able to offer you a competitive rate.


Your website is my portfolio.